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General Dentistry in Des Moines & Urbandale, IA

General dentistry encompasses the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral health diseases, including cavities and gum disease. People of all ages benefit from general dentistry services, particularly with the help of an extraordinary general dentist.

Patients from all over our area and beyond trust Dr. Chris McDonald for their general dentistry care. In 2015, Dr. McDonald was recognized for his commitment to exceptional general dental care when the Academy of General Dentistry presented him with the Fellowship Award. This honor is reserved for dentists who distinguish themselves by going above and beyond the basic requirements to care for patients’ oral health.

General Dentistry Services

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Professional dental exams and cleanings are as essential to oral health as daily brushing and flossing. Your mouth has numerous nooks and crannies that you simply cannot reach with a toothbrush or piece of floss. During a professional cleaning, our talented dental hygienists use special instruments to meticulously remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and the areas between your teeth and along your gumline. This reduces your risk of developing cavities and gum disease. Our hygienists can also give you at-home hygiene tips and talk to you about how nutrition and lifestyle factors affect your oral health.

After your teeth have been cleaned, Dr. McDonald performs a comprehensive check of your teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues of your mouth, looking for signs of decay or disease. At this time, he also performs an oral cancer evaluation. He may request a series of X-rays to evaluate the areas of your mouth that a visual exam cannot cover (i.e., the insides of your teeth or between your teeth).

Regular exams allow Dr. McDonald the opportunity to catch and treat minor dental problems before they become much larger.

Periodontal (Gum Disease) Treatment

With studies increasingly showing a link between gum disease and other systemic diseases, keeping your gums healthy is crucial. Gum disease is a serious threat to your oral health, and if it goes untreated, it can result in tooth loss and other complications.

If Dr. McDonald detects gum disease, he will help rehabilitate your gums to optimal health. The early stages of gum disease can often be reversed with deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling. More advanced cases of gum disease may require laser therapy, gum grafts or regenerative surgery.

Root Canal Therapy

The inside of a tooth is filled with dental “pulp” which includes connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Should the dental pulp become infected from disease or damage, Dr. McDonald must clean the inner chambers (or roots) of the tooth with a root canal. He seals off the inside of the tooth’s roots with a special material to prevent re-infection and places a crown over the tooth to restore it to normal form and function.

Mouth Guards

General Dentistry in Urbandale, IA

Mouth guards are designed to protect your teeth from cracking or fracturing due to chronic grinding (bruxism) or clenching or from sports injuries. Custom mouth guards fitted by Dr. McDonald are the most reliable choice, as they snugly fit the contours of your unique mouth. Mouth guards for bruxism do not prevent you from grinding or clenching, but they protect your teeth from becoming damaged due to excessive forces.

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