Keep Your Smile Healthy with Preventative Dentistry

Maintain your oral health by coming to us for preventative dentistry in Urbandale, IA. At McDonald Family Dentistry, we emphasize regular preventative care more than standard dental clinics. We educate our patients about the best homecare practices to remove harmful bacteria from their teeth and gums.

First and foremost, Dr. McDonald and his team strongly recommend that patients schedule routine six month professional cleanings and examinations. At these regularly scheduled professional cleanings, we’ll remove calculus and help you avoid plaque build-up, gingivitis (inflamed gums), periodontitis (bacteria gum disease), and oral malodor (bad breath).

During regularly scheduled appointments, our experts may recommend professional fluoride therapy to prevent tooth decay and hypersensitivity.

Contact McDonald Family Dentistry to learn how we differ from standard dental clinics. We’ve made it our goal to provide you with a personalized experience you won’t find anywhere else!

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