Teeth Whitening: What You Can Expect

Teeth Whitening Urbandale IA

If you’ve tried every whitening toothpaste on the market and haven’t yet achieved the bright, white smile you need to feel confident, it’s time to visit Dr. Chris McDonald to discuss other options. His teeth whitening patients have seen incredible results with the Opalescence Go! system. Here’s what you can expect with teeth whitening:

Ease of Use

You will receive a box with your ready-to-go Opalescence Go! trays: 10 upper trays and 10 lower trays. When you unbox your kit, you will find that the trays are conveniently pre-filled with a powerful bleaching agent that lifts stubborn tooth stains.

You will wear each set of trays for approximately 20 minutes per day, and then dispose of them. The whitening gel is subtly flavored for a more pleasant whitening process.

Visibly Whiter Teeth

In 10 days or less, you will notice whiter teeth. Some of Dr. McDonald’s patients have seen results within five days of wearing Opalescence Go! trays. Typically, wearing the trays for consecutive days leads to quicker, better results, but you can wear them every other day if you choose.

Trays Conform To Your Teeth

Right out of the box, the Opalescence trays will comfortably fit the contours of your teeth. Simply place the trays in your mouth and bite down as the trays mold to your teeth. There is no need to go through the process of having uncomfortable impressions taken to mold custom trays if you don’t want to. And well-fitting trays mean the whitening gel makes good contact with your teeth for even, effective results. You don’t have to worry about spotty or uneven whitening results with the Opalescence Go! trays.

Gentler Than Other Whitening Systems

Other whitening systems may produce great results, but there are drawbacks: they can cause uncomfortable side effects like tooth and gum sensitivity. The bleaching agent in some whitening systems can even burn the gum tissue.

Opalescence Go! is significantly gentler than other whitening systems without compromising the effectiveness of the product. You won’t have to choose between comfort and results: you can have it all with Opalescence Go!

Let’s Talk About Your Whitening Goals

Dr. McDonald has been serving the local community for more than 20 years and believes in treating patients like members of the family. He looks forward to learning more about your unique needs and recommending the best treatment for your goals: whether that is Opalescence Go! or another teeth whitening treatment. Dr. McDonald and our entire team will take great care of you at every visit.

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